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Managing the Impact of Cabotage and Local Content Law in Indonesia

Event Overview

The Cabotage and Local Content Law in Indonesia has been a major step in enabling local companies take advantage of the growing Offshore Oil and Gas support sector in the country. International players are also grappling with the changes, and trying to ascertain their best strategy.

IBC’s Offshore Marine Indonesia Summit will focus on the market impact of these regulatory developments, issue clarifications on implementation criteria, and most importantly highlight the opportunities arising.

Cabotage Law-Addressing the Burning Issues in the Offshore Industry

  • What further regulatory changes can be expected from Indonesia’s offshore industry
  • The market impact on the Offshore Vessels sector, and specific vessel types
  • What are the strategies available to local and international companies for complying with the regulatory change
  • Solutions for overcoming the vessel  supply gap in the market
  • Assesing new partnership and investment opportunities created by the law
  • Offshore Shipbuilding in Indonesia – commercial returns and new opportunities

Industry Update
‘If the cabotage regulation is implemented without compromise, it will definitely create many constraints for the industry to achieve production targets’- Rudi Rubiandini, Chairman, SKKMigas,22 May 2013

Indonesian offshore player enjoys higher rates as non-national vessels exit
‘Marco Polo Marine, which operates a subsidiary in Indonesia, has benefited from a recently enforced cabotage law in that country which has forced out 20% of the anchor handling tug supply vessels active in Indonesian waters’-Lloyds List, 4 April 2013

Local shipyards to get $156m in investment
Indonesia’s shipbuilding industry received a major boost after the government introduced cabotage rules in 2011 that required all vessels operating in Indonesian waters to be domestically owned’-The Jakarta Post, 26 September 2013


Featuring Key Regulators and Industry Leaders

Sampe L Purba
Vice President, Program & Budget Management PSC Contracts SKKMIGAS
Saleha Parman
Director Supply Chain and Business Development Offshore & Marine Industry
Aberdeen Offshore
Stephanus Hanan
PT Jawa Tirtamarin
Wino Risetinojo
President Director, PT.Segoro Emas Abadi Line
General Secretary in Indonesian Shipbrokers Association (ISBA)
Ir. Tjahyono Roesdiyanto
Indonesia Ship Building and Offshore Association (IPERINDO)
George R Horsington
President – Business Development
Jaya Holdings Ltd
Marc Thomson
Chief Operating Officer
PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk

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